Brant Foundation: New Exhibit

The Brant Foundation's upcoming exhibition features work by Joe Bradley, Oscar Tuazon, and Michael Williams. 
May 14th-September 2018 

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The Brant Foundation: New Exhibit: Animal Farm

Beginning Sunday, May 14, 2017, The Brant Foundation Art Study Center will present a group exhibition curated by Sadie Laska, including works from The Brant Collection and loans from museums, galleries and other private collections. Artists in the exhibition will include 1980s pop icons from the collection, such as Kenny Scharf and Jean-Michel Basquiat, alongside artists whose work has been influenced by pop, politics and media, such as Nina Chanel Abney, Katherine Bernhardt, Lizzi Bougatsos, Joe Bradley, Sarah Braman, William N. Copley, Thornton Dial, Wally Hedrick, Joyce Pensato, Carol Rama, Peter Saul, Josh Smith, Spencer Sweeney, Henry Taylor and Sue Williams.

Additional elements of the exhibition include a curated selection of puppets and theatrical banners in the foundation’s Library space, exhibited in collaboration with Bread and Puppet Theater. The Honey Badgers—a musical group consisting of artists Jack Hanley, Phil Grauer, Tyson Reeder, and Michael Mahalchick—will activate Sarah Braman’s large-scale sculpture with a musical performance.  The opening reception will also feature live musical performances by Lonnie Holley and LOBOTOMAXXX.

Home Brew

A certain lobster strolled Delancey, antennae out, claws in pockets, eyes ahead. Sign said walk, walked. Stop, stopped. “This town I love would serve me up with butter,” he exclaimed, and the sparrow mocked him from above. “Do your pinchers not pinch?” “Yes!” the lobster growled. And what about that shell?

The lobster had been through Reagan and Koch, Clinton and the other guy; made one enemy, that sparrow; seen it all; loved painting. The lobster hung at William Copley’s gallery on Broadway. He was an adjunct at SVA, wrote at night with JMB; kissed Haring, met Pensato at the studio school, talked Manet with Eisenman. Matt Groening said “Beefheart begat Bart,” and the lobster could see it. Visited Providence for Joe, introduced Chris Martin to glitter, Angel Blood at Santos, TV when possible, on a rug from Bernhardt.

“Pop,” as a category, was a reaction, to a changing economy and the creation of an industrial entertainment culture. Mass fantasy became an escape, an identity, then a commodity and finally a language. This history is as material as iron itself, a product of many rooted relations. As Thornton Dial shredded once-valuable metal to make a flag, Alex Bag shredded the nature documentary to make a feminist declaration of war. If Peter Saul used Mad magazine to depict our manic empire, and Denzil Forrester used Cézanne to capture a particular scene’s tumult, so Henry Taylor’s paintings of his friends speak in cartoon. It’s not popular, it’s unconscious. 

One day, the lobster went to a thing: a play. Three fish wore toad masks on a stage under a dissected pickup truck. The lobster sat on the ground in front, the sparrow just behind. “Breathe.” The performance began. First, the sound of a guitar, then three actors began to dance in a pot of green flickering liquid. “THE PUPPETS ARE CRIMINALS WHO MESS UP YOUR MINERALS,” they sang upward, as the water slowly boiled. The audience ignited, the crowd ablaze. The sparrow freaked and flew into a window. The lobster sat and dreamed of cold water, eyes glistening.

—David Roesing and Sadie Laska, 2017

Participating Artists

Nina Chanel Abney, Rita Ackermann, Alex Bag, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Katherine Bernhardt, Lizzi Bougatsos, Joe Bradley, Sarah Braman, Bread and Puppet Theater, William N. Copley, Thornton Dial, Nicole Eisenman, Denzil Forrester, Jason Fox, Keith Haring, Wally Hedrick, Lonnie Holley, Sadie Laska, Chris Martin, Jeanette Mundt, Laura Owens, Joyce Pensato, Carol Rama, Tyson Reeder, Peter Saul, Bill Saylor, Kenny Scharf, Josh Smith, Agathe Snow, Spencer Sweeney, Henry Taylor, Don Van Vliet and Sue Williams.

About Sadie Laska

Sadie Laska is a visual artist and musician living in Queens, New York. She received her MFA from Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts in 2014. Laska’s work has been shown internationally, with solo shows at CANADA, New York; Office Baroque, Brussels; KS Art, New York; and Galerie Bernard Ceysson, in Paris, Luxembourg and Geneva. Her work has also been included in exhibitions at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, White Columns, Marlborough Gallery, Zürcher Gallery and Harper’s Books. Laska’s band, I.U.D., has performed at international venues including the Whitney Museum of American Art, PS1 Contemporary Art Center, The Brant Foundation, The Kitchen, ISSUE Project Room, Astrup Fearnley and the Kunsthalle Zürich.

About The Brant Foundation Art Study Center

The Brant Foundation Art Study Center has a mission to promote education and appreciation of contemporary art and design, by making works available to institutions and individuals for scholarly study and examination. The Brant Foundation Art Study Center presents long-term exhibitions curated primarily from the collection. The collection is remarkable in that scores of artists are represented in depth, including works from the earliest period of their practice through their most recent works. Currently, The Brant Foundation, Inc., established in 1996, lends works to more than a dozen exhibitions per year. The Brant Foundation Art Study Center is located at 941 North Street, Greenwich, Connecticut, and is open Monday through Friday by appointment only.

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Bloodroot's 40th Celebration March/April 2017

It’s hard to believe that 40 years ago, Selma and Noel decided to open a vegan/vegetarian restaurant and feminist bookstore on an impossible to find dead-end street in Bridgeport, CT. The year was 1977 - before GPS existed. We opened with no trained chefs, no wait staff and delicious food, a plan that suited the lesbian feminist owners!

It is 40 years later and we are planning a BIG celebration. To accommodate more people, we will hold celebration dinners over three nights Tuesday March 21st, Wednesday March 22nd & Thursday March 23rd. Similar to past anniversary dinners, we will be serving free champagne and holding a raffle. But in contrast, we ask you to make reservations to ensure everyone’s comfort.

But we have many other celebratory plans for March and April!

As part of our festivities, we want to draw attention to the other vegetarian only restaurants in CT. So we invited all of them! We are so pleased that the following restaurants wanted to participate and will be bringing some of their specialties and menus*. These are free events, but please make a reservation so we can know how many to expect. We will provide free coffee, tea and prosecco. 
Sunday March 5th - 4pm: Renana from It’s Only Natural in Middletown. 
Sunday March 12th - 4 pm: Ramesh from Navaratna in Stamford - they specialize in south Indian food which is entirely vegetarian
Sunday April 2nd - 4 pm: Chris from Fire and Spice in Hartford and Donaldson from Shandal in Bridgeport - both are from Jamaica and serve vegan food in the Rastafarian tradition
 Wednesday April 5th - 6pm: Claire from Claire’s Cornucopia in New Haven
Wednesday April 12th - 6pm: Owners Lisa and Glenn from Catch a Healthy Habit

We will be hosting a series of special art exhibits:
March 7 - 19: Noel & Selma are ardent weavers and have asked members of the Hand Weavers Guild of CT to curate a weaving show from March 7 - 19th. 
March 19 - 26: Noel’s new photographs will be on display
March 28 - April 9: Caroly Van Duyn will bring new sculptures which will be for sale PLUS you can meet the artist the evening of March 29th! 
 April 11 - 16: From our private collection, we will be displaying Myriam Fougere’s sculpture and ceramics. 
 April 18 - 23: Also from our private collection, we will feature Australian artist Suzanne Bellamy's sculpture. 
 April 25 - 30: Sudie Rakusin’s oil paintings from our private collection will be on display and you can meet Sudie the evening of the 28th

On Sunday March 26th at 4 pm, we look forward to hosting a conversation with Sheila Jeffreys, the renowned Australian feminist author of "The Spinster and Her Enemies", “Anticlimax", “Lesbian Heresy” and Beauty and Misogyny”. We hope you will make reservations to meet her.

Over the course of the 2 month celebration, there will be an extra reason to come visit us for Sunday Brunch - we will be holding a used book sale - just a penny per book!

Cooking classes - Classes are $30 per person and Class size is limited to 8, so reservations are essential! Classes will be held at 4 pm on the following Sundays:
March 19th: Carol Graham will teach her famous Jamaican Jerk sauce and sorrel drink
April 9th: Erica Garcia will demonstrate the fundamentals of Mexican cooking including cooking beans in an Olla de Barro, how to make Mexican red rice, and the secret to making the perfect tortilla
April 23rd: Rachel Portnoy pastry chef and co-owner of Chez Nous in Lee MA, will teach cooking vegan desserts
April 30th: Selma and Noel will host a cooking class titled "You ask for it” where they will show how to cook what you want to learn! Choose from vegan pie crust, mushroom walnut pate, simple vegan cheeses, chocolate cake or what? It’s your choice!

Plus more surprises to be announced! To make reservations for any of these events, call Bloodroot at 203-576-9168. If you get our answering machine, leave a message and we’ll call you back to confirm!

Located at : 

85 Ferris St

Bridgeport, Connecticut

* Unfortunately G-Zen in Branford, Phali Too in New Haven, The Sweet Beet in Granby, The Stand Juice Company in Norwalk, Pure Alchemy Juice Bar in Wallingford and Lion’s Den Vegetarian in Hartford couldn’t make it, but we wanted to recognize their contribution to vegetarianism in CT.

Noel & Selma 1977

Noel & Selma 1977

Selma & Noel 2016

Selma & Noel 2016

Free Meeting Space at Total Wine & More

Searching for a meeting space for your next business event? Need a conference room for your club or association gathering? Host your group for free in our store education center, and treat your guests to a complimentary wine tasting (where available). Our flexible meeting space can accommodate groups large and small.

All Total Wine & More education centers are equipped with:

  • LCD projectors and screen
  • Speakers and microphones
  • Podium, tables and chairs
  • Water and soft-drink service (nominal fee)

Our meeting space is a venue for events as varied as the wines, beers and spirits we have on our shelves. We’ve hosted board retreats, non-profit outreach sessions, PTA assemblies, professional association seminars and shareholder meetings.

Any local business or club can reserve the room free of charge for up to two meetings a month. Please note, we do not allow the sale of products other than those sold in our stores. Users may not place any marketing or promotional materials for the meeting around our stores. This includes fliers, business cards, coin cans, etc. A

All meetings must be booked three weeks in advance, and may be held one hour after the store opens up to two hours before the store closes. Booking hours vary by location. Meetings may be booked for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. All classrooms are closed on days surrounding and including major holidays.
Total Wine & More provides public Wi-Fi access in all of its locations. Please note that Total Wine is not responsible if the system is down or has a slow processing speed during your meeting. You will need to bring your own laptop to hook up to the projector. There is no computer available for customer use.
Users may bring food or catering (where allowed by law), but we’ll need you to clean up after yourselves. Though cheese, crackers and bread are provided (where allowed by law) with our paid private class packages, we do not offer any catering services. All wine available in the room must be poured by a Total Wine & More team member in tasting portions associated with a complimentary or paid wine tasting. Under no circumstances will spirits be offered or poured.
Total Wine & More reserves the right to accept or decline a request at any time for any reason.
The use of the classroom is free and limited to availability. Access and use of the room is limited to the reserved time only.
A minimum of three weeks lead is required for any reservation.
A maximum of two meetings is permitted in a single location. Bookings at multiple locations and dates are permitted.
Total Wine & More will not allow minors under 21 in the classroom, even when accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Total Wine & More does not allow the use of the classroom for personal or business profit; this includes any charge for guests to attend the meeting or sales where money is exchanged for products or services. 

Classroom seated capacity varies by store. Attendees must not exceed the listed capacity of the room. Attendees that do not have a seat will be turned away.Classes are supervised and wines are poured by a Total Wine & More Team Member. Under no circumstances is self-pouring permitted. Tasting amounts vary by state law and will not exceed 2 oz.

Food of any type can be brought into the room, but no beverages other than coffee may be brought in. Discounted water and soft drinks are available for purchase at the store.
Supplies such as table cloths, plates, forks, etc. are not provided.

Total Wine & More does not permit the use of their computers. We are not responsible for troubles with the speed of the Wi-Fi or system failure during your presentation.
Blackout periods apply (two days prior to a major holiday, the weekend of a major holiday and during the last six weeks of the year).
One 30-minute complimentary wine tasting is offered for groups of 14 or more seated guests gathered for a meeting or group activity. We only offer wine for complimentary tastings.
The purchase of alcohol for the purposes of consumption or tasting while in the classroom is not permitted.

Room cleanup after the meeting is the responsibility of the group organizer.
Total Wine & More does not permit the tasting of more than eight types of wine within a two-hour timeframe. We do not offer or pour spirits for classes.
Total Wine & More can provide a selection of cheeses, bread and crackers as well as water with private classes. Catering and other outside food is also permitted.

Student Showcase Work It Dance & Fitness

I have been a member of Work It Dance & Fitness and have tried all of their classes. My personal favorites are Tone & Tighten, Stretch and Belly Dance.  

This weekend at the SoNo Arts Fest the students will be showcasing what they have learned.  It should be a great show. So come Saturday or Sunday 1 p.m. Here's a few performances from last year. 

Brazilian Vibes

Last night we flew to Rio and danced the samba without ever leaving Westport.  If you stayed home and watched reruns you missed a wonderful night.  I have always loved Brazilian music which has its roots from deep in Africa.  Arthur Lipner put on a great show with a full band.  At the end everyone followed the samba drum parade to rear of the pavilion. 

Free Meditation Series At Kaia Yoga

These free, led sessions give us an opportunity to practice and discuss as a group.

Art of the Northeast Silvermine Arts Center

Opening Saturday 6/6 6-8 pm

Art of the Northeast opening. Jam packed show, great social event and great food! Co-curated by Michelle Grabner, 2014 Whitney Biennial co-curator and co-founder of The Suburban and the Poor Farm & Brad Killam, co-founder The Suburban and the Poor Farm. - See more at:

A Neu Night Out

Friday the 13th, a most auspicious day, was also the eve for Neu Nights at the Neuberger Museum at Purchase College.  

Now the Neuberger is a great place to visit even on an average Saturday afternoon. It has a great permanent contemporary art collection, African art, and revolving exhibits (last night had the art of Kuba from Central Africa which inspired Klimt apparently as well as dust bowl like photos by Mike Disfarmer).

Last night, however, was also a Neu Night. What's that? Well it's the convergence of great art, a ripping DJ from WFUV (last night was Rita Houston and Alisa Ali), mouth watering cheeses(pics below), veggies and passed hors d'oeuvres by Andy Burke(my favorite were the Vietnamese spring rolls), cocktails (last night I tried a Black Cat) and big dance party(see video).  Andy Burke is the "house" caterer but he also did my kids' bar mitzvahs and many other events. He is creative and down to earth--love, love his food. 

I always run into friends from the area and we all had a rip roaring time dancing with the crowd which included 20-80 year olds.

Last night was especially frugal as I was able to bring a friend in (usually $20) because of my WFUV membership, entered to win tix to a show at the Capitol and received a year membership to the Neuberger. Now that's value. 


What's neu?

What's neu?

The French Cheese Connection...

The French Cheese Connection...

Burke Catering....

Burke Catering....

Can you feel the beat?!

New Canaan Meets New Orleans

On the afternoon of February 8, 2015 at the New Canaan Library an Australian multi-instrumentalist, Adrian Cunningham, brought us the music of Louis Armstrong, Fats Domino, Sidney Bechet and mixed it all together with a little jambalaya from New Orleans.  He had us singing spirituals, swinging scarves and umbrellas in our seats and having a grand ole time without leaving the county.  

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