Music is incredibly powerful. It speaks to those who cannot speak themselves. It moves us to tears, to happiness, to another world. Even the deaf can feel the vibrations. It can soothe a crying babe, make you want to get up and dance, evoke a time long gone.  It doesn’t matter what language we speak, or if we can understand the words music speaks to us on the most human level. When my late husband was completely bed bound, the radio, especially WFUV, gave him great joy. 

I don’t watch television—it bores me.  However, if you enter my house at almost every time of day or night you will hear music. It might be the radio, or a CD, or a musician friend.  There’s a certain sense of peace that comes over me when I listen to music.  I like just about any kind of music from classical to jazz to world to alternative.  Singer-songwriters particularly touch my soul-- words that tell a story, give a message.

I was lucky to have grown up in a house filled with song.  My mom and dad loved to sing—mostly old folk songs, many by their friend Richard Dyer-Bennet who my father designed albums for and who we often visited at his home in the Berkshires. He had played benefits with Pete Seeger and Burl Ives while we were allies with Russia and when McCarthy blacklisted the lot, Burl gave names and well the rest was history.   It was not unusual to be on a long car ride and for my parents to break into song. Something I will never forget. 

There are many great local places to hear live music throughout the area.  Some are free, others have small cover charges/ticket fees.



Rowayton Music Festival Lineup

All shows are on Sunday unless otherwise indicated. Rain location: Roton Middle School.

Bayley Beach Special Event Parking Fee: $40 for non-residents. Insider Tip: Park on Pine Point Road and walk in. 


June 24   Bayley Beach


Pete Francis
(of Dispatch)

The Dragon Crest Collective

The Mighty Fergusons

Bushell, Sovak Ozer & Kane LLP 






Wed July 4   Bayley Beach



Baby Dynamite

Alexander Markov

Show starts before Fireworks
Rain date: July 5


Laurel Road
All Seasons Marine Works
White Bridge Wines & Spirits


July 8   Bayley Beach



Rowayton Pizza


July 15   Bayley Beach



Brendan’s 101
Rowayton Market


July 22   Bayley Beach


The Samples

Nielsen’s Florist


July 29   Bayley Beach


Midnight North


Alembic Global


August 12   Pinkney Park


The Commonheart

DeClerq Office Group
Fairfield County Bank


August 19   Pinkney Park


Keller Williams

Special Guest TBA on 7/9 –
stay tuned!

Rowayton Fuel
Eaton Partners
JW Allen


August 26   Pinkney Park


Railroad Earth

Alpaca Gnomes

The Griffin Family
The Thomson Family



Sept 2   Bayley Beach



The Alchemystics


White Bridge Wines & Spirits
Mosquito Squad




Levitt Pavilion Westport

Levitt Pavilion season starts this week. Most events are free with a few paid events sprinked in. The calendar can be found below.

Sometimes great music happens in a friend's backyard when your yoga teacher shows up and plays bass.

On Saturday 11/19/16 I had the good fortune to attend the book signing at Johnny's Record Store in Darien. As is my habit, I had been listening to WFUV when Dennis Elsas mentioned this on Friday night.  It was a fascinating talk. Susana was unofficial photographer for the Dead and Dennis was the chief publicist. Here's a story about how it came that Jerry introduced her to Dennis and eventually walked her down the aisle. 

If you haven't been to B.R.Y.A.C. you are missing a great music seen.  Bands play in the intimate space, lots of funk and dancing. No cover charges.  If you are hungry prices are low and food is good too.

Bobby Paltauf on guitar @ Ridgefield Playhouse

 Caveman writes guitar-based pop songs full of subtlety and space and melodies you can carry around in your head. The band's songcraft and handcrafted instruments are on display in this performance at the NPR Music offices.