A Simple Salon With Great Service

 Veronica's Hair Salon, Norwalk, CT

Desperately in need of a haircut--it had been over a year, and faced with starting a new gig in the corporate world--I bought a Groupon a few weeks ago for Veronica's Hair Salon.  I was a little familiar with the salon as  I had stopped in a few months while doing a blitz for the Capitol Theatre when they were targeting brides to be.  Veronica, who hails from El Salvador, graciously took my flyer that day and the salon struck me as a friendly, neighborhood place.  

I was able to schedule my appointment for today (2/14/15).  The plan was for a wash, cut, partial highlights and styling.  My stylist, Erika, met me at the front desk.  I think she was a little shocked by the state of my mane. She said it was dry and thought my home hair coloring work, well was sub-optimal to put it nicely.  Nonetheless she knew exactly what to do to "fix it" and said she wasn't going to charge me extra either for the extra work. She applied 2 different color highlights--I am sure she did full highlights even though the Groupon had been for partial. After cooking under the heat lamp she applied a glaze (also no charge) and washed the hair.  Back at her chair she removed the dead hair and did a really nice up do.  Here is the final result.  I will definitely be back. Prices are very reasonable with lower prices on Tuesdays (men) and Thursdays (women). http://www.veronicassalonspa.com/index.htm